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 YAMAHA Vocal Rack VST.Plugin v1.0

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Mesaj Sayısı : 48
Kayıt tarihi : 17/01/09

MesajKonu: YAMAHA Vocal Rack VST.Plugin v1.0   Ptsi Mart 09, 2009 4:05 pm

Yamaha Vocal Rack
Make Vocals Sound Like Never before

From the world’s largest manufacturer of professional musical equipment comes the next step forward in
multi effects and DSP processing. Yamaha developed the worlds first rack mounted multi effects processor,
and have a long history in providing professional audio solutions to almost every top recording studio around the world.

Now this expertise is transferred to the computer domain, with the introduction of Vocal Rack.

Featuring high quality fully programmable multi effects specifically targeted at vocal processing
from an acknowledged Yamaha heritage in professional digital mixer and DSP technologies,
Vocal Rack also comes with dozens of high quality presets suitable to all musical styles.

Vocal Rack assembles Yamaha's ultimate tools for vocal processing. This VST/AU plug-in
includes 20 presets using several valuable processing tools specifically designed for vocal processing,
including a High Pass filter, Compressor, Harmonic Enhancer, three-band EQ, DeEsser, Gate and Delay.

Supported by dozens of professional DAW applications through the VST/AU interface specification including:
Cakewalk SONAR*, SONAR 2*, SONAR 3, Cakewalk Pro Audio*, Guitar Tracks Pro*, Home Studio*,
Project5, Steinberg Cubase VST, Cubase SX, Cubase SL, Cubase SE, Nuendo, Wavelab, Emagic Logic Audio,
Adobe Audition*, Sonic Foundry Sound Forge*, Acid, Samplitude*,
Image Line FL Studio (Fruityloops) and other multitrack music software.


-Full 24-Bit 96kHz processing
-DSP technologies
developed from proven world class Yamaha algorithms.

-Dual platform
(Macintosh OSX/9/Windows) support

-Intuitive graphical user interface

by dozens of professional DAW applications through the VSTi interface specification

-High pass filter
Variable range from 20Hz to 180Hz

Threshold 0dB to -48dB
Ratio 1.0 to 20.0
Attack 1ms to 40ms
-Release 10ms to 680ms
Out Gain 12dB to -8

-Harmonic Enhancer
Drive 0 to 127

-3 Band EQ
Freq 50Hz to 16kHz
Gain -12dB to 12dB
Q 1.0 to 12.0

Detect Freq 500Hz to 16kHz
Threshold 0dB to -48dB

-Noise gate
Threshold -20dB to -72dB
Attack 1ms to 40ms
Release 10ms to 680ms

-Digital Delay
Time 0.1ms to 50ms
Mix 0 to 127

Kanalzug als VST PlugIn

- Kompletter Kanalzug nicht nur zur Stimmenbearbeitung in einem leistungsstarken PlugIn

- 6 für die Stimmen-bearbeitung unverzichtbare Effekte: Kompressor / Harmonic Enhancer / 3-Band Equalizer / DeEsser / Noise Gate und Digital Delay

- Inklusive 20 Presets, die verschiedene Stile und Aufnahmesituationen abdecken.

- Erstklassige Effekte für Post Production oder um Gesangsaufnahmen zu veredeln.

- Zu den weitreichenden Einsatzmöglichkeiten gehören absolut saubere Gesangsaufnahmen, Doppel- und Ambienceeffekte.

- Hochqualitative Algorithmen entsprechen den weltbekannten Yamaha DSP Effekten

- Unterstützt VST (Windows / Macintosh) und Audio Units (Mac OS X)

System Requirements

Working VST/AU Host Application
Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP
Mac OS9.x, OSX
Price $199

Vocal Rack

Vocal Rack comprises a combination of processing tools of the type that would normally be needed to treat a vocal recording,
though they can also be used on instruments. Each section may be individually bypassed when not required, with no CPU load imposed by bypassed sections.

The signal path starts out with a phase switch, with a high-pass filter variable from 20 to 180 Hz for getting rid of rumble or boom,
and then proceeds to a fairly conventional compressor with Threshold, Ratio, Attack, Release and Output Gain controls.
There's also an Auto button to set the compressor output gain slider automatically. This section has a compression curve window
and a gain-reduction meter, though the latter is uncalibrated, so you have no idea how much gain reduction you're actually applying.

Tonal control is available through a harmonic enhancer and a three-band EQ. The enhancer is very simple, with just a Drive control,
while the EQ features a fully parametric mid with variable-frequency shelving high and low sections.
The overall EQ range is 20Hz to 16kHz and the gain range is ±10dB. A display window shows the EQ curve,
where adjustments may also be made by dragging the curve, and separate bypass buttons are available for the three EQ sections.

After the EQ comes a de-esser with variable detection frequency (500Hz to 16kHz), variable threshold and a listen
facility that lets you hear the filtered signal when setting up. This appears to notch out only the sibilant frequency band,
not a wide section of the audio spectrum, so it is fairly subtle in operation with minimal side-effects. To get rid of unwanted noise,
there's a fairly standard noise gate with threshold, attack and release sliders, and finally, a digital delay with a curiously
short maximum delay time of 50ms and a Mix control. This can be used to create very crude artificial double-tracking effects,
though I'm not really sure of the thinking behind restricting the delay time so tightly.

This plug-in is very straightforward to use and it sounds clean, especially the compressor, which controls the gain with minimal side-effects.
For vocal use, I felt that an auto attack and release mode might have been useful and possibly a hard/soft knee switch,
but if you like the unassuming nature of the compressors in Yamaha's mixers, you'll probably like this one.
The enhancer adds high-frequency harmonics and sounds fine if used sparingly, otherwise it can be a little abrasive,
while the de-esser does a good job of tacking normal amounts of sibilance without introducing obvious side-effects.
Though this plug-in sounds good, I feel the gate should have had a variable range setting and perhaps side-chain filters,
while the compressor would have benefited from a calibrated gain-reduction meter.

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MesajKonu: Geri: YAMAHA Vocal Rack VST.Plugin v1.0   Ptsi Ağus. 31, 2009 6:47 pm

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YAMAHA Vocal Rack VST.Plugin v1.0
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